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The Importance of Personal Upkeep

by Samadhi Marketing Collaborator February 01, 2020

The Importance of Personal Upkeep

It is well worth it to take the time to freshen up each morning. You’ll walk out the door feeling like a million bucks! You’ll exude confidence and charisma.

Everyone will notice your newfound confidence. Walking out the door looking like a scruffy, sloppy mess probably won’t attract positive things for you. It’s the opposite of professionalism.

Make sure to shave or trim your beard on a regular basis, shower daily, wear deodorant, trim your fingernails and toenails, wash your hands and face, and brush your teeth before leaving the house.

Basic hygiene and personal maintenance is important! Read below to see why…



When you look great, you’ll feel great! You might notice that you’re keeping your chin up instead of looking down. Rather than slouching around town, all of a sudden, your spine seems to be in alignment.

You’re wearing a grin on your face these days. By putting in the added effort on personal upkeep, you’re proving to yourself and the world that you care about yourself.

People will notice that and will naturally gravitate toward you! 

Romantic Life


Whether you have a long-time partner or not, your romantic life is about to get a whole lot more interesting! Bring on the heat, right?

When you smell like a mixture between B.O. and that dumpster across the street, it’s a turn off. Letting your beard get long and unruly might be a signal to women that you’ve given up on yourself. If you want to keep a long beard, I’m all about it! Just make sure to maintain it. Trim it and make sure it’s clean.

You’ll get much more attention in your romantic life if you don’t let yourself go.



No one in the professional world will take you seriously if you look like you just rolled out of bed. You’re making a statement: I Don’t Care.

If you’re trying to get hired for your dream job, you’ve got to look the part! Make sure to be yourself. But also, you’ve got to put in that extra maintenance effort. Even if you have a job that you love where you have the freedom to dress and look how you want, showering is a must.

Personal expression is important, but so is hygiene. You’re more likely to get promoted if you look professional. Who knew that taking an extra fifteen minutes to spend on your appearance would pay off
this much.



Poor hygiene breeds bacteria. When you’re dirty and you don’t wash your hands or shower, you’re spreading germs. Every hand you shake and doorknob you touch becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Practicing proper hygiene lowers your risk of disease, infections, and skin irritations. Keep yourself (and the world) safe! If your loved ones see you neglecting this basic function, it’s off putting. I’m sure you wash your hands though, so I won’t harp on it.

Another tip is to clean out the food that falls onto your beard. Check yourself out in the mirror each time you eat a meal or snack.


While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most people will notice whether or not you care about maintaining your appearance. When you stink or look unkempt it’s unattractive .

There’s a time and a place for looking like a mess, and that’s in the confines of your own home. Putting time and effort into your appearance will elevate your self-esteem.

When you radiate confidence, it attracts good things in this world. Stay clean!


P.S. Look groomed and stay sharp with our ultra-powerful Groomsmen Pro Beard Detailer




Samadhi Marketing Collaborator
Samadhi Marketing Collaborator

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