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How practicing gratitude can benefit your life in the new year

by Dan J January 14, 2020

How practicing gratitude can benefit your life in the new year

Practicing gratitude can benefit every domain of your life! From relationships to physical health, gratitude will positively affect all of it.

The new year is often a time when you reflect on all that you’re thankful for. When you notice yourself feeling thankful, are you aware that your mood lifts as well?

Why not make a resolution to practice gratitude a few times per week for the rest of 2020? It will be worth your while.

Physical Health 



It’s no surprise that practicing gratitude can improve your mental health, but who knew that it can also improve your physical health? Those who keep a gratitude journal report feeling less pains and aches than others.

In addition, gratitude has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and motivate one to exercise. Not only that, apparently gratitude strengthens the immune system.

Grateful people don’t get sick as often! 



When you regularly practice gratitude, your relationships will strengthen. Everyone will notice how happy you’ve become and will want to spend more time with you.

You’ll be thankful for all of the lovely people in your life and want to treat them with kindness and compassion. Also, you’ll be more empathetic to your loved one’s circumstances and personal situations.

It is likely that you’ll feel a closer connection to all of the people that you hold dear.

Professional Life 


Gratitude even touches the professional sphere. You may walk into your office or place of work with a bit more confidence if you regularly practice gratitude.

You’ll make quicker and more effective decisions and your productivity and performance will improve because you’re so focused. All of a sudden, you find that you’re truly engaged rather than pretending to look busy.

People will want to follow your lead because you’re bursting with gratitude. It’s not always easy to come up with original content, but all of a sudden, you’re finding it much easier to be imaginative.




Lastly, gratitude improves your emotional well-being. When you focus on all of your blessings, you’ll be so much happier than if you focus on everything that is going wrong.

If you’re prone to depression, gratitude journalism can deeply benefit you. It may even keep depression at bay. You’ll develop a thicker skin.

What may have hurt you before, seems to roll more easily off your back. You’re no longer focusing on your own personal needs and wants, but instead you’re looking beyond, to something greater and full of meaning.


Practicing gratitude has so many extraordinary benefits. What exactly does it mean to practice gratitude?

Think about and actively appreciate all that is positive in your life. It could be the sunshine, your mom, your cat, your education, that walk with your friend, the barista at the coffee shop today, the hug from your sister, anything!


P.S. Show your body some gratitude in the new year with our patented Electric Cupping Machine!

Dan J
Dan J

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