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7 Self-Care Tips for the New Year

by Dan Jacobs January 01, 2020

7 Self-Care Tips for the New Year

Happy New Year from the Inoverstock family!

You’ve made a vow to take better care of yourself for the upcoming year. When you don’t care for yourself, it affects all who love you.

You’re more prone to irritability and health problems when you neglect self-care. Don’t let it get to that point!

In this blog post, we’ll cover a few self-care tips that can really boost your mood.

7. Dry Brush


You won’t regret trying out this trendy practice. Dry brushing is an ayurvedic exercise that wakes up the lymphatic system.

The movement will help the body get rid of toxins and exfoliate your skin, giving you a smoother and softer feel and look. It is also said to get help get rid of cellulite!

6. Stop Snoozing Through Your Alarm




It may be appealing to get those extra five or seven minutes of sleep, but what you actually crave when you hit snooze is a deep sleep. There’s no time to fall back into a deep sleep.

It’s time to get up! You’re going to feel more tired if you continue to hit the snooze button.

5. Get a Massage



This is a classic example of treating yourself! It feels so nice when a professional kneads your tense back muscles. There are so many benefits of massage, including reducing anxiety and relieving pain.

But who wants to spend a bunch of money for one massage? Our brand-new Full Body Massage Chair is cheaper than one massage, and you can use it over and over again. Plus, it's part of our 50% Off New Year New Me Sales Event!




4. Go Get a Plant



Whether you like cacti, bamboo, fiddle-leaf figs, or lillies, there is an indoor plant that is calling your name. Not only will your house look great, but you’ll also feel happier.

Studies have shown that having indoor plants lifts the mood, increases productivity, and removes toxins from the air.

3. Consume a Story That Brings Joy



Instead of reading the news upon waking each day, try something more uplifting. While it’s important to stay informed, the news is often depressing.

Your mornings are sacred. What you do in the AM can have a lasting effect on your mood throughout the day. Whether it’s a podcast, book, or magazine, consuming something more positive, can really benefit your overall mood.

2. Take the Stairs



Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs everywhere you go! Your heart rate will climb. Hey, you might even lose some weight.

Either way, you’re adding more cardio into your daily routine. This challenge will be even more fun with a buddy. 

1. Focus on Your Posture

Consciously trying to sit up straighter will make you look and feel so much better. Hunching over causes stress in the back.

When you stand or sit up straighter, you’re relieving your muscles of tension. Holding you head high might boost your self-esteem as well.

But we know it's hard to keep the perfect posture at all times, so that's why we created the Posture Doctor, also part of our 50% Off New Year New Me Sales Event!



If you are struggling with back and neck strain, then our  Posture Doctor  is the best thing for you! It is a  quick and easy  posture corrector that instantly straightens your back.




Whether you want to try out every single one, or one at a time, these self-care tips will likely benefit your well-being. If you’ve read this far, your health and well-being are probably a top priority.

Remember, it’s not selfish to care for yourself! When you show up for yourself, you’ll be more present and attentive to those around you.


Dan Jacobs
Dan Jacobs

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