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4 things your girlfriend notices about your hygiene

by Samadhi Marketing Collaborator January 28, 2020

4 things your girlfriend notices about your hygiene

Gentlemen, listen up. Skipping your daily shower is not a great idea. Your girlfriend will definitely notice.

If you’re curious about a few other hygiene rituals that your girlfriend pays attention to... you should read this.

Upkeep, maintenance and personal hygiene are important to us! We’ll never apologize for valuing cleanliness!

You don’t have to be rigid in your hygiene schedule, but for the love of god, please don’t turn into a slob. Thanks!

4. Your Facial Hair

If you neglect to shave or trim your beard for a few days, your lady will notice. Unless you’re going for the 5 o’clock shadow look or you’re trying to grow out your beard, don’t forget to shave.

For the men out there who prefer a full beard, you’ve got to be vigilant! Stay classy and professional by maintaining your handsome beard with our Groomsmen Pro Beard Detailer.

You don’t want to look like Santa Clause…

3. Cracked Lips

We take measures to make sure our lips are luscious and kissable, so you guys should too! The weather can really do a number on the lips.

When we see your cracked lips, we feel your pain and want to offer you our chapstick.

Instead of going for your girlfriend’s sparkly and pink tinted chapstick, find your own chapstick. Having moist lips will keep them crack-free.

2. Your Smell 

Please don’t forget to wear deodorant before you go on a hike. Carrying around a stench all day is unappealing.

If you forgot to wear it, make sure to hit the shower immediately! Also, overdoing it on the cologne is a bit nauseating.

Less is more. Try one squirt next time.

1. Bad Breath

Carrying around a breath mint or chewing gum can do wonders for your relationship. We all eat food that can leave our breath smelling not so minty fresh.

Still, don’t forget to think about the person you’re spending your time with. Catching a whiff of bad breath isn’t helping anyone out.

Chewing an altoid or tic-tac is not that difficult.


If you’ve spent time with your girlfriend, sister, or mother, you know that women notice a lot! You may not think about these things, but we do.

Being considerate and sensitive in your relationship is important. Putting a tiny bit of effort into your looks and smell can go a long way.

Thanks for reading, guys!


P.S. Get yourself together and get rid of the lazy college boy look with our Groomsmen Pro Beard Detailer!

Samadhi Marketing Collaborator
Samadhi Marketing Collaborator

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